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Forslu Promotion

Our company is located in the city Samsun which has the biggest ground, sea, air and railway logistics in the Black Sea region of Turkey.  Our manufacturing plant has a 1550m2 closed and a 1600m2 open area in which the production takes place.

Since the establishment of our company we are targeting a branching strategy for all our products. By following technology closely we built new cooking units andnew packing lines. With switching to a production with 100% natural coloring and 100% natural flavors, we have set ourselves the principle to accomplish all together our responsibilities for a health life.

With 8 hours working time we have a production capacity of 540.000kg of toyed lollipops, fruit flavored and flavored rock candy. In addition to it 810.000kg capacity of pure Turkish delight, fruit flavored Turkish Delight and flavored Turkish Delight in one year.

With our developed marketing and distribution organization we are working continual with dealers and zone warehouses of market chains in the domestic market. In the international market, we are working with distributors, dealers and agency’s to sell and market our products.

We are doing our R&D research with consciousness and importance of the brand and product design. With our R&D work we have grouped and registered our products industrial design. With our registered brand FORSLU we are bringing together plain and toyed lollipops, flavored and fruit flavored rock candy, plain, flavored and fruit flavored Turkish Delight to the consumers.

FORSLU GIDA adopted in principle as quality and food safety policy to ; making up principle %100  food safety on final raw material and production process and products that is appropriate for described and measurable quality criteria’s , describing and getting in control to every physical, chemical and microbiological hazard, making health legalistic manufacturing, aiming to train and inform to the  staff, sensitive to the client demands, taking consideration to the benefit and honor of the people.

The policy of our company which did not lose anything from the business wish and emotion since the first day, is making quality manufacturing in the framework of the international standards, patching the achievements with you by knowing the responsibility while running to this target.